16 under 30: Antranik Balabanian

16 under 30: Antranik Balabanian


Antranik Balabanian


Antranik Balabanian, 27
Managing partner, The Bros, Lebanon

Bachelor of Business Administration, specialization in Finance
Place of study
American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon
First job
Procurement officer
“There are no shortcuts to success; only passion and hard work will get you there.”
Ultimate goal in life
“Creating disruptive innovation in the F&B industry internationally.”
Advice for the next generation
“Willpower is much stronger than you think; rely more on your gut feelings and never give up.”

An economics course prompted Antranik Balabanian to switch majors to Business and Finance, after he first opted to study Chemistry. Realizing early on that corporate life wouldn’t be his forte, Balabanian sought to pursue an entrepreneurial career. In 2015, while working as a procurement officer, he and his two brothers were presented with an opportunity to penetrate the street food scene. Their passion for cooking, family unity and hard work has seen The Bros concept elevated to the status of established F&B brand.

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