16 under 30: Youssef Hadid

16 under 30: Youssef Hadid



Youssef Hadid, 25
Co-owner, El Boutique Hotel, Tyre, Lebanon

Bachelor in Hospitality Management
Place of study
Sagesse University, Faculty of Hospitality Management
First job
“Actually I was born into the F&B industry, thanks to my father. I grew up helping him in his restaurant, Le Phénicien, as far back as I can remember. Over time, it became a real passion and a true commitment.”
“Be all in or get all out, there is no halfway.”
Ultimate goal in life
“We have a very strong brand, Le Phénicien restaurant, founded by Habib Hadid. It is one of the oldest and most appreciated seafood eateries across Lebanon. My goal is to take it worldwide.”
Advice for the next generation
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Born in Tyre, Lebanon, Youssef Hadid forged his skills working side by side with his father and traveling abroad for internships. He decided to dedicate himself to the hospitality industry, because, in his own words, “It’s the most exciting industry in the world”. Hadid has managed to transform a 170-year-old historical house, along the coastline of the magical city of his birth, into the impressive ĒL Boutique Hotel. The property features décor inspired by the Phoenician era, and includes a restaurant and rooftop bar area.

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