Maroun Chedid opens cooking academy


Top Chef Middle East judge, chef Maroun Chedid opens his cooking academy and the Ritage pop-up restaurant before the grand opening of the actual Ritage by Maroun Chedid in mid 2018.


Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy
The Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy opened its doors in November, in collaboration with Miele, the German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and machines.It welcomes foodies, chefs and professionals. Shedding light on what he hopes to achieve, Chedid said: “My passion for learning and sharing the beauty of the art of cooking is mirrored in this contemporary, yet nostalgic space. The kitchens boast the latest equipment and each one is designed to make cooking enthusiasts as well as professionals feel at home. It is an interesting mix of warm Mediterranean charm with the required rigor and efficiency.”
Classes and workshops for every taste and level help students discover and learn about an array of topics that include: different types of cuisines; professional classes; cooking techniques; children’s classes; introduction to different products and ingredients; and wine and coffee appreciation sessions. Chedid himself, along with other renowned international and local chefs, teach the classes to ensure a certain standard is maintained while providing a memorable culinary experience.

Ritage Pop-Up Restaurant
Ritage is a place that not only pays tribute to the culinary richness and traditions of Chedid's homeland, but also embodies a

deep-rooted Mediterranean culture of conviviality. “Ritage is the culmination of my culinary journey, where professionals and food lovers alike will be inspired by and invited to be a part of my gastronomic explorations,” he explained. “The space denotes heritage and authenticity. The venue is a Mediterranean wonderland filled with flavor, passion and rigor comprising a restaurant, terrace and boutique.” Inspired by the seasons, the pop-up restaurant will be open for dinner every night as of Monday December 11 and will serve a seasonal set menu that can be paired with wines and spirits. The boutique includes Georgette by Maroun Chedid terroir products, a selection of condiments, culinary books, kitchen accessories and culinary paraphernalia selected by the chef.

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