A global and a local Monin competitions pick the best talents

A global and a local Monin competitions pick the best talents


Monin, in collaboration with its exclusive agent in Kuwait, Food Choice, organized at the Symphony Hotel (Salmiya), a competition for a group of chefs from restaurants and five star hotels.

A jury composed of hospitality experts, including Mohamed Najia, Jeremy Kolbak, representing Monin, Ziad Hilal, and Simon Bechara, supervised and rated the competition. Chefs prepared varieties of food and sweets using Monin products.

Chef Omar Al- Ghannam ranked first in the preparation of dessert, whereas Chef Lanka de Silva won the first place in the preparation of a main course.

On a global scale, the International Monin Cup is the essential competition for tomorrow’s bartenders. Every two years, candidates from all over the world come together to compete with their creativity and technical expertise in a bid to take home the MONIN trophy. Open to bartenders under the age of 28, both professional and trainee. The final is set to take place this year on December 12 at the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris.

Each winner from the national competitions will represent their country at the international final: 48 nationalities in total for a cosmopolitan challenge in two stages. This year, the candidates must demonstrate their expertise and know-how on the 2018 theme ‘Mix Your Origins’. The first round of the competition gets underway at Monin’s headquarters in Bourges. The second, on the 12 December in Paris.

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The finalists from the first round will compete in the ‘Blind test’ and ‘Mystery box’ challenges in Paris. Competitors will be given 15 minutes to prepare their own original ‘Mix Your Origins’ recipe. Behind the theme, a celebration of cultural diversity and the preservation of the best natural and local ingredients.

The judging panel is made up of professional bartenders, chefs, bloggers, Monin collaborators and novice gourmets. They will evaluate the presentation, efficiency, execution, appearance, aroma, taste and respect for the theme. The two days will also offer an opportunity to interact with the younger generation, listening to them and passing on advice from seasoned experts. Aside from the competition, competitors and judges will collectively enjoy new gustative experiences, share emotions as well as moments of pleasure and conviviality

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