ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s regional/international projects

ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s regional/international projects


Established in 1991, the ATICO Fakhreldin Group is a Jordanian holding company operating in multi-service hospitality management. Since inception, it has expanded its reach and core business to encompass over 10 leading restaurants, cafés and pubs, offering international cuisines, a catering service and an events management company, in Jordan. HN talked with the company’s Vice Chairman and CEO Essam Fakhriddin about the latest innovations currently in progress

ATICO Fakhreldin Group seized the opportunity to buy Italian restaurant brand ‘La Cucina’ designed by Claude Missir partly due to its superb location in affluent Abdoun in 2016. The villa, prior to the acquisition, used to be an extremely much sought out destination for West Ammanites. The new project aims to fully renovate and introduce an international all day dining concept that would attract families, business people, expatriates and diplomatic dignitaries who reside, work or commute to this vibrant part of the capital. Upon completion, expected in the summer of 2019, the restaurant will have a 125 indoor person seating capacity and 175 outdoor area.

Another project scheduled to open in February of 2019 in Abu Dhabi, will be called Diwan Fakhreldin and developed as a subsidiary for Fakhreldin restaurant at The Royal Meridien in the UAE currently under renovation. Aside from its strategic location in the city’s commercial district, which is considered to be a long-standing landmark, it will offer its guests a new eating-out concept in line with Diwan Fakhreldin in Amman. Its offering and distinguished services include a variety of the most delicious Lebanese food, developed from the Levantine cuisine. The outlet boasts an indoor seating capacity for 140 guests and 120 outdoor.

The third project, which should open this month, will be in one of Berlin’s quiet affluent residential areas. The restaurant, SIMSIM, is a homegrown Levantine eatery serving authentic dishes, both traditional and with a twist, in a contemporary setting. It draws its inspiration from the Fakhreldin Restaurant concept by highlighting the region’s rich and delicious cuisine using the freshest available ingredients. It will seat 70 guest in its indoor area and 100 outdoor.


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