bartartine; to bread and friendship

bartartine; to bread and friendship


The global F&B industry has been buzzing with novel concepts and when it comes to Lebanese innovation, bartartine is a top of mind home-grown brand. From its early beginning back in 2013, the first branch, which opened in the heart of Mar Mikhael proved quite a hit.

The brand quickly became a go-to destination for individuals who demand consistent quality, innovative dishes and the freshest ingredients with a price point to match. Positioning itself as a home to hearty food and artisanal French bread and pastries, the resident chefs have become local celebrities employing traditional techniques and original recipes dishing-out authentic tasty and flavorful culinary experiences.

The eloquently balanced menu features a combination of baked goods, tartines and international specialties, in addition to a colorfully-inviting selection of breakfast options. The restaurant is also home to an authentic French bakery, tartinebakery where artisanal bread and viennoiseries are prepared daily with a unique selection of French tarts and cakes to choose from.

Discussing the current positioning and strategy, Yara Francis, bartartine’s senior marketing specialist explained, “Our setup is a quite a dynamic and vibrant one that is reflective of the location(s) we operate in. As such, we have worked on promoting the brand as one that offers visitors a hearty food experience that is healthy, distinctive and in keeping with the times. To that end, we never stop educating ourselves about the latest innovations dominating the F&B sector and in turn translate and customize these to best suite our clientele. In so doing, we ensure that what is on offer will always exceed expectations. On that basis, we continue to revise our range of offerings and have, for quite some time, been focusing on offering healthier options that cater to the lifestyle choices of the new rising consumers. For example, the only item on our menu today that is fried, are the French fries. The other options we are promoting and constantly pushing are vegetables, salads, vegan dishes, pastas and various protein-packed meats.”

Speaking of food, Francis encourages their faithful customers and newcomers alike to try some of bartartine’s signature dishes such as:

Hummus Truffle Dip made of a blend of beans, truffle, cashew, tahini and rose petals served with house-baked crostini.

Asian Kale Tuna, which is a healthy combination of textures and flavors with seared tuna, noodles, kale, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, cashew and sesame served with peanut butter soy sauce.

Truffle Mushroom, based on a combination of white creamy truffle sauce, fresh mushroom, parmesan and baby spinach on a delicious, artisanal baked bread.

Steak Fries, a juicy 200 gr. Australian grass-fed beef filet served in tartine’s signature herb sauce with fries and a refreshing side salad.

Wild Salmon Teriyaki served with brown and wild rice, carrots, peas, broccoli, cashew accompanied with our special teriyaki sauce.

Bianca Al Tartufo, a Mafaldine pasta served in a creamy white truffle sauce, sautéed mushroom and sprinkled with parmesan.

For those intrigued by the offering, take the time to experience much more by visiting one of the brand’s 8 branches located in: ABC Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Hazmieh The Backyard, Downtown Zaitunay Bay, Achrafieh Restos St. Nicolas and Verdun Dunes Center.

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