Cacao Barry: From plantation to chef

Cacao Barry: From plantation to chef


As a distributor of Cacao Barry in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia since 1993, Polygel has witnessed important evolutions in the world of chocolate and in consumer tastes. Cacao Barry emerged in 1842 with Charles Barry when he went to Africa looking for a variety of unique cocoa beans that would ensure the creation of the highest-quality, premium chocolate.

Chocolate customers have evolved. They are looking for high quality products with an intense taste of cocoa, alongside new and different flavors.

Flavors and types
Each cocoa plantation is unique. Its geographical location, its environment and its soil are all different factors that give their unique characteristics to the bean. Cacao Barry offers a wide range of chocolates from the Plantation range to the Pure Cocoa products.

Chocolate artisans are also looking to distinguish themselves with unique and recognizable tastes, which constitute their signature. Cacao Barry offers them Or Noir TM that gives all artisans the chance to design, shape and develop their own unique chocolate. An organic range has also been created alligned with new trends.

Packaging has evolved too. In 2015, Cacao Barry launched its new packaging to ensure the protection of cocoa flavors and and celebrate cocoa knowledge. All key information can be found at a glance (e.g. cocoa percentage, fluidity, chocolate format, net weight, etc). Additional information is provided on cacao genetics and the origin of products (e.g. cacao variety, map of origin countries)

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The pistoles are packed in the best quality bags, 100 percent recyclable and easily resealable. With their flat bottom design, they have an excellent standing. They can be stored horizontally as well as vertically thanks to the prints on all sides of the bag.

New techniques
Cacao Barry works hand in hand with farmers in production countries to understand how to grow the best beans and release best flavors from cocoa. Thanks to an understanding of the very source, Cacao Barry masters cocoa bean sourcing and good agricultural practices as well as its production from all the ingredients: nibs, liquor, butter.

The key to more intense and pure cocoa flavors lies in the quality of the cocoa beans’ fermentation. In 2013, Cacao Barry discovered specific ferments naturally present in the local environment that have the best impact on the fermentation process. The result is intense and pure flavors released by each bean. This is Q Fermentation. This optimized fermentation allows for the time to be shortened, while it guarantees a homogenous bean quality and purer flavors of cocoa.

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