Callebaut breaks new ground

Callebaut breaks new ground


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Callebaut chocolates have been crafted from bean to bar in Belgium since 1911. The beans are roasted whole to awaken all flavors and essential aromas and all chocolates and recipes are made from 100 percent traceable and selected beans. This will be clearly communicated with the new packaging, which will be introduced in 2020.

Because millennials want clean and healthy food that best fits their lifestyle, elements such as palm free, gluten-free products with reduced sugar are the standard and cannot be conceived as secondary elements anymore. For these reasons, EMF Middle East, which has been for the last 40 years the coordination representing Barry Callebaut Group, is revealing its new 2020 launches for the first time with the introduction of the Choco Crema range by Callebaut. It is the brand’s newest proposition, which meets these demands with ready-to-use products. These ferry the iconic taste of Callebaut chocolate designed to be used in all bakery and pastry-related applications.

Another innovation is the ECL1pse, Callebaut’s new milk chocolate. It offers the sweetness of milk, yet with only 1 percent added sugar and no artificial additives whatsoever. This genuine Belgian milk chocolate has about twice the milk and cocoa content compared to regular milk chocolate. It is darker, smoother, creamier and more intense than any other milk chocolate on the market. This balance will enable producers using it to reduce the sugar content in all their popular chocolate desserts and pastries between 20-50 percent.

Constituting the world’s most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years, the brand also offers its RUBY Chocolate line. This gift from Mother Nature surprises and bedazzles with its completely new chocolate taste and color experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean free from colorants and fruit flavorings.

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Furthermore, EMF is also proud to present Choco Gelato, the world’s first real chocolate gelato range by Callebaut. It is the direct result of the efforts of the brand’s chocolate and gelato makers’ joint collaboration. It offers consumers more taste, texture and color for a truly exciting experience.

For the first time in history, chocolate now spans the full spectrum of flavors and colors. With the brand new ruby RB1 and Gold chocolates, the brand is proud to offer all consumers a complete premium Belgian chocolate range to create their unique gelatos! With Choco Gelato ranking as Italy’s preferred flavor, the possibilities for producers to innovate and in turn excite their customers has grown bigger than ever before. All five chocolates guarantee the brand’s utmost dedication to quality from bean to bar, backed by the belief that great chocolate starts with sustainable cocoa beans sourced from passionate cocoa farmers.

Another innovation by Barry Callebaut, is the ‘Natural Dark’ cocoa powder constituting a breakthrough set to create a new standard in the cocoa market. Introduced to the baking and confectionery trade through its premium cocoa brand Bensdorp, the new powder is 100 perent natural, flavorful and with a superior taste experience obtained that is not processed nor contains any additives. For the first time in cocoa powder history, Natural Dark enables food manufacturers to have a clean label ingredient that delivers an intense chocolate taste in all the major application segments such as baking and pastry creations, cold beverages and ice cream.

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