Château Kefraya launches ‘Les Bretèches Vintage 2017’

Château Kefraya launches ‘Les Bretèches Vintage 2017’


The 2017 Les Bretèches, the fresh, silky and fruity wine by Château Kefraya, was launched in collaboration with Lebanese artist Karen Klink, who was chosen to design the limited-edition label entitled Flowing Cedar.

Commenting, Edouard Kosremelli, Château Kefraya’s GM said, “We need to be constantly reminded of the infinite abundance and fertility of our land, hence our collaboration this year with the talented Karen Klink and her creative expression of our Cedar Tree.” Further emphasizing Kefraya’s continuous initiatives to promote young artists, he added, “This collaboration comes also in line with our ongoing commitment in supporting Lebanese art.” As to the creative expression behind the Flowing Cedar concept, artist Karen Klink, the label’s creator, explains it with much poetry and passion, “Our iconic Cedar, pure and eternal, constantly reminds us that our humanity is deeply rooted in nature and that our Lebanese nation is One. I have treated the Cedar like a flowing sea, a cosmos of connections that help our society prosper, while entangled in beauty and chaos.”

Being able to express her creativity and talent on Les Bretèches special edition label is clearly a source of pride and enthusiasm for the young artist, “I am so excited to be given the opportunity to collaborate with Château Kefraya,” she concluded.

About Château Kefraya

Located in the Western Bekaa Valley that bears its name, Château Kefraya is present in over 40 countries, produces 12 internationally recognized and award-winning wines, one arak and a liqueur. Michel de Bustros’ passion for art and opera has been, since 1951, an intrinsic part of Château Kefraya’s development and the winery’s success has constantly been used to promote and support Lebanese art. Every Les Bretèches limited edition label carries the signature of a young Lebanese artist, while between 1981 and 2010, each Château Kefraya label has been adorned with paintings by prominent Lebanese women artists. In further promoting the winery, Château Kefraya welcomes visitors in the domain for wine-tasting sessions, lunch at the Relais Dionysos and guided tours of the winery and vineyards.

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About Karen Klink

Since childhood, Klink’s main inspirations resided in fiction. She loves to create fictive worlds where nature, animals and humans intertwine in a game of infinite possibilities through mutated and anthropomorphic creatures. This leads her to experiment by constructing fascinating expressions linking nature with people´s identities. Drawing can be a lonely place according to her, so tattooing offers Karen the possibility of having a human connection. Tattooing for her is a way of honoring people’s memories, honoring the dead or keeping the spirit of our loved ones alive.

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