Pastry Chef Pierre Abi Haila’s finds the  origin of Valrhona’s Tulakalum chocolate

Pastry Chef Pierre Abi Haila’s finds the origin of Valrhona’s Tulakalum chocolate


In its quest to further add value to its existing proposition, premium French chocolate maker Valrhona chose 10 chefs who have been working and promoting the brand, to an all-inclusive tour to one of its plantations in Belize, for a first-hand experience of the journey that the cocoa bean makes from start to finish. Chef Abi Haila talks to HN about this incredible journey. “I was the only candidate from the Middle East and Africa region to be elected. The initiative is to familiarize the chefs working with the brand, with the entire process the various chocolates go through from seed to finished product. We literally spent days meeting, discussing and learning what the various steps in this unbelievably elaborate operation are. It was fantastic to experience, firsthand, the process, which we have extensively read about but never got to be part of. It is an entirely different kind of experience that has truly changed the way I approach chocolate. We got to experience the missing human component, which opened my eyes, affording me a new-found respect for the cocoa bean itself and the people responsible for delivering the best product they possible can. ‘Together’ which is the Mayan meaning of the new Tulakalum 75 percent, speaks volumes, since it has been made according to professionals’ expectations, who are very much looking for a slightly sweet chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Finding the origin of this bean – slightly sweet, quite bitter, beautiful notes of ripe fruit – was a big plus for me and all the more reason why I chose to work with the Valrhona chocolate brand.”

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Valrhona Tulalakum 75%
Tulalakum has no soya lecithin, thanks to its high percentage of cocoa and high level of fat.

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