DWTC launches new immersive 3D dining experience

DWTC launches new immersive 3D dining experience


Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) announced the launch of a new immersive 3D dining experience – LMNTS – at the World Trade Club (WTC). Located on the 33rd floor of the Sheikh Rashid Tower, LMNTS is an immersive experience that has been created to beguile and amaze the diner by stimulating all five senses at the same time.

LMNTS offers a dining experience orchestrated through a combination of carefully crafted dishes. They represent the elements of nature: VOID-AIR-FIRE-WATER-EARTH, with a holographic surround sound.  The restaurant’s story is brought to life through a five-course gastronomic adventure created by the talented chefs from WTC. Though the menu kept under wraps, it will wow guests with delectable surprises. Grape beverages or mocktails are a great part of the experience.

Guests will have the choice of two daily LMNTS shows starting at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

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