Educating the next generation of hospitality professionals – USJ-IGE

Educating the next generation of hospitality professionals – USJ-IGE


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The education of hospitality professionals has become a vital area of study in the Middle East, for which Karim Asmar, Head of Hospitality and Culinary Arts at USJ – IGE is thoroughly prepared

What new programs are now on offer?
USJ-IGE, Institut de Gestion des Entreprises or Institute of Business Administration at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, aims to develop future executives with a strong management and entrepreneurial culture, as well as an expertise in a specific field. The current majors we propose are Computing for Business, Marketing and Advertising, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. We recently launched a Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management for which we are enrolling the second selection of students. This program was created to develop the future generation of chefs and culinary specialists. It is built with a strong practical skills requirement, and the students will be required to complete around 2,000 hours of apprenticeship in addition to the various workshop they are attending at USJ-IGE. We are also currently enrolling applications for the two Master of Hospitality Management programs. These new programs are offered in English. Our programs are regularly reviewed with industry and education specialists to match competencies developed and market needs. In addition, our programs are conceived around three modules:
• Management base
• Specialized courses and workshops
• Training and apprenticeships
This practical approach within the curriculum allows a greater involvement on the industry part in developing the professionals of the future.

What can you tell us about the new Master of Hospitality Management Program?
In order to respond to the orientations of the tourism and hospitality industries, the Institute of Business Administration- USJ-IGE developed two Masters of Hospitality Management with specific orientations. These programs are:
• Master of Hospitality Management, Luxury & Lifestyle
• Master of Hospitality Management, Lebanese and Mediterranean Gastronomy & Lifestyle

Who is the target audience?
These programs target students wishing to acquire a graduate specialization as well as professionals wishing to develop specific competencies. They also target persons seeking a career change.

What are the admission requirements?
Any holder of a bachelor’s degree in management, marketing, hospitality or similar discipline can register directly. For those changing careers without a background in management, a review of their file will be needed. It is also important to note that the programs were conceived to allow flexible schedules for working professionals.

What career opportunities can these programs lead to?
The Master of Hospitality Management Luxury & Lifestyle aims to develop professionals of luxury hospitality and sensorial experience. The Master of Hospitality Management Lebanese and Mediterranean Gastronomy & Lifestyle is the first program conceived to develop experts in the Lebanese and Mediterranean gastronomy and lifestyle. The program aims at developing restaurant industry specialists as well as owners-managers of guest houses, agritourism properties and culinary travel specialists.

What partnerships do you have in place?
The Institute of Business Administration- USJ-IGE has several partnerships with local and regional companies. USJ-IGE holds also partnerships with international academic institutions such as Paris Dauphine for the Computing for Business, Lorraine University for the Marketing and Advertising with joint Master programs. Also, since 2016, USJ-IGE is part of the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse.

Why should students choose USJ-IGE?
What is very specific to our culture at USJ-IGE is the relations we build with each student, from the interview right through to graduation. We consider each student as a professional in the making. Our programs are reviewed regularly to keep them relevant to market needs and conceived as professional-specialist builders. Our students are prepared to be readily operational as soon as they graduate. For that purpose, our programs integrate theory and practice through workshops, training and apprenticeships. In addition, our academic body includes professionals with in-the-field experience.Our courses are also scheduled to allow students time for work, be it at the bachelor or the master levels.

Karim Asmar
Head of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

This program was created to develop the future generation of chefs


Institut de gestion des entreprises Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ-IGE)
member of the l’Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance
Department of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts
Campus of Sciences and Technology, Mar Roukos – Dekwaneh, Lebanon
T. +961 (1) 421 392/3/4

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