Emporia, Lebanon’s premium lifestyle project

Emporia, Lebanon’s premium lifestyle project



Emporia is a unique premium lifestyle-based project that combines dining, day and night entertainment, wellness and fashion into one estate along the Lebanese coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the heart of Kaslik, Emporia’s magnificent landscape and open space welcomes its visitors with luxurious services that bestow comfort, relaxation, entertainment and convenience. Evading the bustling traffic and city noise, this exclusive estate is perfectly located adjacent to Kaslik’s shopping centers, hotels, resorts, universities, corporate offices and private residences.

This captivating estate is designed to blend ancient and contemporary architecture with a grand entrance that mirrors Lebanese history and heritage. Its ageless stonewalls and columns further serve as icons that merge between old and new. On the ground floor, a number of restaurants offer an extensive variety of menu items each in celebration of their unique flavors. Visitors can enjoy the multi-sensory dining experience indoors or outdoors on a patio that surrounds a wide fountain pool where daily musical water shows offer serenity and peace. Leading to Emporia’s coastline is a scenic pool facing the sea welcoming visitors from sunrise to sunset with a view like no other.

This refined and striking ground level offers an open atmosphere leading to a play area specially designated for Emporia’s younger visitors. This opens to carefully manicured green spaces and the golden sandy beach, where a wide boardwalk paves way through the beachfront to an elegant floating deck, homage to our ancestors known for their trading. On the second level, visitors can enjoy the finest cafés, pubs and fashion boutiques, where a centrally located grand catwalk connects outlets and offers a majestic view of the Mediterranean Sea. The open rooftop level offers the highest standards of luxury service, which includes a multi-level lounge, an infinity pool and private jacuzzies. Exclusive access is required to enjoy exceptional entertainment programs under the open sky. With a stunning panoramic view from the rooftop, guests can bask in the magnificent ambience that Emporia has to offer while enjoying the infinity pool, private jacuzzies, sundecks and lounging areas.

Emporia is committed to tailor its premium services to its visitors’ personal tastes and interests. The purpose is to exceed their needs and desires by offering innovative and unique experiences in dining, wellness, shopping, relaxation and entertainment marked by exceptional events and exhibitions. Emporia’s team firmly believes that it is the utmost necessity for visitors of all ages to feel welcomed, pampered and entertained. Emporia embraces its visitors and surrounds them in a cocoon of inclusive lifestyle services that keep them warm and completely rejuvenated.

Emporia is scheduled to open by March 2020.


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