Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi’s continuous F&B genius

Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi’s continuous F&B genius


In an innovative F&B concept, Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi is brining the genuine ‘Americana’ experience to its clients.  

Butcher & Still’s food truck delivers that special concept, bringing the spirit of the iconic 1920s Chicago Steakhouse at Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi to the UAE. Premium yet approachable, the concept brings an innovative chef-driven concept to the country’s luxury restaurant and bar space.

A true master of his craft, Director of Food and Beverage Carlo Laiso and his team always choose the road less taken when creating something for Four Seasons guests. “We are always eager to innovate in the market, to push the boundaries and create bold and unexpected concepts in a way that only Four Seasons can. What guests see is the result of more than two years of collaboration and hard work. In the food truck space we are first movers, offering an experience that will capture the imagination of our clients. What is most exciting however, is the paradox of creating something humble and seamlessly infusing our identity as a premium, 1920s Chicago Steakhouse.”

The shell of the new Butcher & Still Food Truck is a nostalgia-invoking Airstream trailer, the stuff of legends in American touring culture. 

The menu of Butcher & Still’s food truck is all about refining all-American classics, offering a premium experience while retaining the essence of those democratic and widely-loved dishes. 

The food truck’s other signature dishes include the Chicago dog, a Kansas City burnt ends sandwich, chicken wings and truffle fries.    

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By dishing up mobile delights at key events around the UAE and being available for private catering functions, the restaurant is creating a community that celebrates life’s special moments big and small.

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