French pastry chef Christelle Brua reigns supreme

French pastry chef Christelle Brua reigns supreme

Christelle Brua

Christelle Brua

Christelle Brua, French pastry chef at the three Michelin star Pré Catelan restaurant in Paris, becomes the guide’s first woman to win the Valrhona Best Pastry Chef in the World award hosted by the prestigious restaurant association Les Grandes Tables du Monde, at their 64th conference in Marrakech, Morocco. HN talked with her to find out more.

How do you feel about being the first woman to receive this award and how will that affect your career?

This award is a great joy and pride, which I would like to share with Chef Frédéric Anton and the Pré Catelan team. I am very pleased to have received this distinction, irrespective of my gender, which I never really gave much notice or attention to. If however more visibility and confidence is extended to other female chefs the world over, then I take it to be very positive!

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What are some of the elements that helped you in emerging as the top contender?

It’s complicated for me to answer that question. I cannot speak for those who voted for me. But I think it is above all a journey that would not have been possible were it not for the work of the team at the restaurant Le Pré Catelan. Another decisive factor is what has become the restaurant’s signature dessert dish called La Pomme, which may have had a great impact on the competition’s jury members.

What are some of your future plans?

I work continuously to create new desserts for Le Pré Catelan with Chef Frédéric Anton. We are always looking for new emotions to reveal to our customers. In the longer term, I see myself working on more personal projects.

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