Green Turtle’s paper straw initiative

Green Turtle’s paper straw initiative

Michel Oubary, founder of Green Turtle

Michel Oubary, founder of Green Turtle

HN spoke with Michel Oubary, founder of Green Turtle, an eco-friendly manufacturing and trading company working toward providing 100% biodegradable paper food packages and utensils to interested hospitality institutions to learn more about his latest initiative.

Why did you launch Green Turtle, Lebanon’s first biodegradable manufacturing company?

As global pollution levels continue to rise, the environment and our water supply is becoming increasingly polluted, especially for aquatic creatures. By launching an eco-friendly manufacturing company offering biodegradable products, we, among others, can make a slow shift towards minimizing our own waste and through the products we offer, that of our clients as well.

How are these biodegradable paper straws manufactured?

The process consists of three plies of high quality paper, which initially are silted on the paper slitting machine. These are then bound together in a spiral shape using a core-winding machine. The straws are then cut to a pre-set diameter and length. Lastly, the straws can either be individually wrapped or bundled in batches depending on the client’s requirements. Biodegradable products are made from natural plant-based components and in turn are good for the environment not to mention easily recyclable.

Who are the people behind Green Turtle? 

Every individual who cares about the environment is behind Green Turtle. Aside from my partners and myself, this company’s employees are passionate about this cause. While we are very known in Lebanon and the Middle East for trading and manufacturing all kinds of packaging and disposable items and supplying many local and international outlets with these products, this initiative is a unique proposition to the company. As more firms increasingly move away from using harmful products, we are confident that our decision to begin with the straws will prove a great first step in ensuring a healthier planet.

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Who are the entities that expressed interest in purchasing this kind of product?

Market research revealed several entities interested in the Green Turtle Paper Straw. Thus far, we have restaurants, clubs, bars, beach resorts, hotels, as well as local grocery stores and supermarket chains on our client roster. It is a reality, which we believe will see more major F&B outlets adapting this trend that is making waves throughout the world.

What are the advantages of replacing plastic with paper straws? 

There is a massive difference between plastic and biodegradable products. Plastic products simply do not decompose. On the other hand, our paper straws are biodegradable, because they are made from natural plant components that start to decompose once in contact with microorganism. Keep in mind that by adopting and offering such products to customers, you would not only be catering to health-conscious consumers, but will also be promoting the healthy practices of your brand and in so doing, playing a relevant role in securing a healthier environment for future generations.

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