HOBART’s spick and span solution

HOBART’s spick and span solution

Manfred Kohler

Manfred Kohler

Manfred Kohler, vice-president/general manager of sales and manufacturing of HOBART GmbH talked with HN about one of the company’s most advanced heavy kitchen product offering.

Based in Offenburg, Germany, HOBART leads the world market in commercial ware-washing technology. This year, the company offers its global users new glass washer and dishwasher models, boasting a new display with touch screen, unbeatable drying results and the warewashing 4.0 WASHSMART app.

True to the motto ‘WORK SMART, NOT HARD’, the machines combine extremely low operating costs with impressive operator comfort to make daily cleaning as easy as possible. Short washing times, guaranteed cleaning results, as well as low water, energy and chemical consumption complement the overall picture.

The TOP-DRY drying ensures perfect results without the need for manual drying and polishing. The HOBART WASHSMART app allows users to call up comprehensive information on the status of the new glass washers and dishwashers at the push of a button. Eliminating the escape of steam during washing, drying and opening the dishwasher, the machine features the VAPOSTOP², which ensures an agreeable room climate. The front of the generation 2018 under-counter models is characterized by a new contemporary design. The VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control provides a touch display as well as the time-proven single-button control. The demand for these machines is very high. Our customers especially love the TOP-DRY feature.

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The drying results achieved are unique in the commercial sector. Dishes and glasses are ready for re-use as soon as they come out of the dishwasher, without requiring any manual drying or polishing. Obviously, this saves plenty of time and makes life easier for the staff – particularly when things are busy.


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