Hygiene – Survival of the Cleanliest

Hygiene – Survival of the Cleanliest


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Hygiene is an issue of concern to all of us, especially owners and operators of hospitality establishments. Ensuring the quality and cleanliness of both the environment and edibles being served is paramount to the success of daily operations and continued growth of a brand. With this in mind, HN talked to some of the country’s most active players on the hygiene scene to discover more about the initiatives, strategies and services they offer


Why is it important, if not necessary, for F&B establishments to get certified?
Food Safety and Quality at work is a lifestyle that focuses on consistency and maintenance. Boecker® provides this steadiness, even after certification, in order to ensure that every F&B establishment continues to abide by the standards and the requirements set. This is more important today than ever before in the absence of official governmental auditing and inspection of industry operators. In that respect, it is our job as a public health reference company and the job of everyone concerned in this industry to bear the burden and take immediate action. After all, doing so can only add value to any brand.

If a restaurant is already certified, what role does Boecker® play?
There are constantly new innovations cropping up throughout the industry and our role is to keep our clients ahead of the curve by bringing them up to speed on them, as these novelties could make a great difference. In other words, we go the extra mile to maintain consistency of our food safety systems. We also train new staff as well as the older ones on a regular basis.

What is the solution for SMEs if they are not eligible for any certification?
The Q-Platinum Award® -QPA™, a Food Safety certification is the solution for SMEs. The certification follows an international system guaranteed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, UK, and is exclusively presented by Boecker®. Certification includes training, regular audits, assessment of hygiene practices and constant follow-ups.

How can F&B establishments properly apply food safety practices?
Training and consultancy services require the right tools to accurately measure risk, which can be achieved if supported by the right tools. Boecker® provides a wide range of Food Safety tools that are highly recommended by our consultants to minimize related risks at any critical point using the right tools.

What makes the training center at Boecker® stand out?
In 2018, Boecker® received the MEA markets award for being the BEST Food Safety training provider in the Middle East. All our trainers hold highly-recognized degrees and certifications from reputable universities. Also, our training center is a registered center at the Royal Society of Public Health, UK; the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, UK and the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance, UK. We provide basic, intermediate and advanced food hygiene training courses and are the exclusive trainers for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 22000 implementation training, as well as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to all food handlers with different backgrounds, from front-line employees to high-level executives and managers.

What food safety system can Boecker® implement at F&B establishments when it comes to getting certified?
Boecker® professional consultancy services cover the delicate aspects of building food safety systems like the Q-Platinum Award™, Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Safety System Certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and ISO 22000:2018. Our services are designed taking account of local and international laws and regulations. Boecker® services also include British Retail Consortium and the latest food safety systems from FSSC 22000 to other international systems.



Bana Kobrosly
Country Manager


GWR Consulting
Joelle Sarkis
Head of Food Safety


What can you tell us about GWR?
With over a decade and a half of cumulative market experience, GWR Consulting has become a leader in quality control, analytics, training and consultancy. Its partnerships with some of the predominantly and best-known F&B brands in the region and commitment to their clients is testament to that effect. Whether it is recruiting the most suitable talent for a specific position, developing innovative technologies or consulting with measurable results, the company constantly strives for continual process improvement by remaining focused on supplying superior and excellent value to its clients. It is this passion that keeps us at the forefront of the quality control industry for hospitality, retail, banking, automotive, schools and government agencies in the GCC, Levant, North Africa and Europe.

What system are you currently offering your clients?
As the food industry has evolved into a diverse network of channels, the public nowadays is increasingly concerned about food safety. As such, analytical procedures, policies, best practices and standards need to be thoroughly understood, implemented and embraced, for the sake of the food produced and for the reputation and brand value of the company. At the moment, the service most requested by our clients is the Food Safety Shield ™, which is an integrated food safety approach management system for SMEs. This program is unique in terms of practicability, effectiveness and easiness of implementation. Food Safety Shield ™ consists of initial assessment to evaluate the status of the operation, followed by training and regular food safety risk-based inspections associated with a practical action plan tailored to the client’s kitchen size and operation. Restaurants that proof commitment and proper practices are entitled to a quality award. ISO 22000 is also another service we are consulting on. This service is aimed to drive businesses towards achieving an ISO 22000 certification. We coach the establishments in preparing, documenting and implementing this system. Furthermore, GWR Consulting offers a multitude of additional, well designed, services to ensure food product quality, safety, as well as a clean and wholesome environment for food preparation and storage. These services are based against worldwide-recognized standards such as Codex Alimentarius, GMP, GHP, HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, local laws and requirements.

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What differentiates this approach from the method used previously?
Throughout the past decade, we’ve learned that doing things by the book will not always guarantee the expected outcome, for a number of reasons. It, therefore, became obvious that a custom-tailored approach was needed to safeguard any client from potential risk, in spite of the ever-changing variables. Using this approach enables us to find and apply more efficient alternatives that better serve the end result.

What can you tell us about the GWR Academy?
When it comes to ensuring the optimal flow of any business, coaching and continual training is an utmost necessity to ensure that employees have the required knowledge to execute their jobs appropriately. Therefore, at GWR Consulting, we have developed an e-learning platform for a range of guidance material and practical approaches, which provide learners – kitchen employees – with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance their food safety culture, practices, and job performance.

What are some of the numbers related to your services offered thus far?
To date, we have performed more than 15,000 food safety inspections for more than 150 brands in 13 countries.



What can you tell about Orkin?
We are a trusted expert, with over a century of experience and more than 1 million satisfied customers worldwide. Using a proactive approach and proven solutions, Orkin’s experienced pest management professionals will create a pest control program customized for businesses and homes. using a scientific approach most suitable for any infestation with the least amount of chemicals.

What differentiates the services offered?
We have created industry-specific programs tailored to the specialized needs of properties. Each service is the opposite of “one size fits all” pest control approach. No program is identical, as each one is custom-built for maximum effectiveness.

What are the specialized services offered?
Sustainability is based in science and so is our service Orkin green pest management system designed to comply with GreenPro Certification standards (National Pest Management Association) and LEED pest management requirements. As for the food industry, our effective pest control system is fundamental to the performance of any food facility on third-party audits, but the science of pest management is always evolving, which is why an expert is required. When you choose Orkin, you have access to a team of sanitarians and board-certified experts ready to meet any pest control challenge. Orkin’s Food Safety Precision Protection™ program is a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management program custom designed for highly regulated facilities. It comes complete with Orkin Gold Medal QA®, a system of comprehensive documentation that meets or exceeds the requirements of every major auditor, including FDA, USDA, AIB, ASI, NSF International, Silliker and Yum! Brands, plus newer standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) like BRC and SQF. Lastly, Orkin is offering a flying insect control program, which deals with fly infestations at all levels. It is based on our extensive knowledge of fly biology and IPM techniques starting from the inspection, identification, sanitation, exclusion and mechanical control using state-of-the-art trapping system to provide continuous protection such as Brandenburg; the number one Insect light trap (ILT) Brand used exclusively by Orkin. Our guarantee is one of the most trusted in the industry and with our swift to respond team, rest assured that all your pest emergencies are safely and effectively eliminated.



CPLUS/ Prevents “Orkin”/Sanipro
Lara Araoui
Managing Director-Partner


SIAD Pest Control
Elie Haber
Operation Manager


What can you tell us about the services offered by SIAD Pest Control?
Founded in 1983, SIAD Pest Control covers all types of residential properties, as well as all commercial sectors. Our customers trust us to make their homes feel safer, not only from pests, but also from any damage that may be caused by pests. SIAD Pest Control is also at the forefront of eco-friendly products with its use of green oil for the outdoor treatment of municipalities, so that pollinating insects like bees are not harmed in any way. In other words, we control your pest problems before the pests control your environment, using non-toxic and eco-friendly products applied by our qualified and experienced technicians, to assure our clients peace of mind. Based on technical know-how and safe-to-use products, SIAD Pest Control works closely with Bayer Environmental Science, a global market leader specialized in public health solutions, with the aim of controlling pest infestation while protecting the environment from any harmful exposure. To further ensure the quality of the services offered, we have taken measures to register all products used with the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

How do you tackle an infestation?
Having insects, mice or rats around the home and business signals unhealthy living conditions and can carry communicable diseases. They endanger our businesses, health, safety and well-being. Our Hygiene Safety Program™ for commercial clients is driven by a set of worldwide standards with the aim of protecting our clients’ reputation, credibility and earning their trust. It’s based on an Integrated Pest Management method called S.T.O.P™ characterized by first evaluating the environment then choosing the most effective solution to deal with the infestation. We then assist the client to qualify for ISO accreditation by familiarizing him/her with the ISO guideline support/protocols in order for them to apply for safety and quality certificates. What should be noted is that years of field experience and collaboration with Bayer have given us an edge in dealing with any new challenge. Furthermore, continuous follow up, technique development and year-long monitoring help us maintain the highest caliber quality services possible. In moving forward, we always welcome new challenges as this allows us to further better our approach and in turn raise the bar higher. Being an A+ pest management company, SIAD Pest Control is your long term solution, and we take pride in protecting what matters to you most.


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