Innoventive Solutions’ clean air seminar

Innoventive Solutions’ clean air seminar


The Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut, in collaboration with The Mechanical Engineers Consultants Branch are hosting a seminar titled’ Inside Air Sanitization Using Bi-Polar Ionization Technology and Ozone and Its Use for Kitchen Exhausts’. The event will feature talks by Philippe Basha of Innoventive Solutions, Chris Russell of Plasma Air USA and Anja Toussaint of Oxytec GmbH.

In this exclusive feature to Hospitality News magazine, Philippe Basha said, “In general, Innoventive Solutions has been created with the purpose of raising public awareness to the health hazards of air and water pollution. However, both dangers can be remedied if not avoided using scientifically proven technological solutions employed by various medical communities the world over. Our solutions include air and water purification systems, air quality sensors and other simpler water filtering shower heads. All these constitute affordable and simple to use solutions for the general public. Keep in mind that internal air pollution is a global problem, which last year alone caused more deaths than smoking.”

Further highlighting the gravity of the situation as it pertains to Lebanon, Basha continued, “In Lebanon, this problem is even more severe as air pollution seen from satellites is comparable to that of heavily-populated cities such as Cairo. While this may come across as bizarre, the reality becomes much clearer, rather murkier when considering the lack of government-specific policies, the absence of a proper garbage and sewage disposal infrastructure, in addition to unlicensed diesel-burning generators.”

He went on to explain that on average, we spend over 80 percent of our time indoors, which amplifies the problem based on the latest statistics by the World Health Organization that show that the inside air pollution levels are between 4 to 10 times higher than the quality of air outside. Hence the urgency in providing applicable solutions to avoid all kinds of health-related medical conditions such as cancers, asthma and allergies, all of which are increasing exponentially year on year.

“In tomorrow’s seminar, we will introduce indoor air pollution technologies that leverage Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) to purify the air in environments such as homes, schools, nurseries, offices, hotels, hospitals… This technology has not only been thoroughly-tested by global entities, but also by NASA, which it currently uses on the Internal Space Station to eradicate the bacteria, viruses as well as molds and spores that have developed over the years. The great news is, that same technology is now available for use in private homes and just about any other living environments. It is easy to operate, does not leverage any physical filters (hence no maintenance), is retrofittable in existing air circulation ducts and installations and can also be used as a portable device all-year round. The NTP is capable of running 24 hours a day and has the ability to eradicate all kinds of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. This kind of system is especially beneficial for people with allergy and respiratory problems. It also is an ideal solution for environments where smoking cigarettes, cigars and shisha are allowed,” Basha elaborated.

The second part of the seminar will focus on offering specific solutions for F&B outlets and food processing facilities. The biggest advantage this solution offers is that it can be retrofitted onto any existing kitchen system and will ensures clean grease-free ducts devoid of cooking odors up to +95 percent. It has been in use throughout the world for many years and is a simpler, more elegant and cheaper solution to all existing alternatives.




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