Lebanon enters the whisky world

Lebanon enters the whisky world


Lebanon enters the whisky world

Athyr is not only the first Lebanese single malt whisky, but it is also 100% Lebanese made from the malted barley and introduced to aging Lebanese Oak at the Riachi Winery and Distillery in Khenchara, Lebanon. The result is a savory, rich and complex whisky unmatched by traditional malts.

Athyr is produced by one of the oldest wineries and distilleries in Lebanon dating back to 1839 and has experts with vast experience in wine-making and distillation, especially arak, grappa, and brandy. In 2013, it was decided that the brand should also enter the world of single malt whisky with a Lebanese influence.

The malted barley used is harvested from Lebanon’s Bekaa valley after which it is mashed and fermented. The fermented wort, which is relatively high in ale content compared to commercial beer, is then distilled thrice to become a water-colored whisky. That liquid is aged in new Lebanese oak resulting in a deep amber-colored whisky rich with Empyreumatic aromas.

The very first batch was comprised of 150 serial-numbered bottles filled at cask strength of 56% ABV without any filtration or coloring material and retailed for $100, which sold out within the first week. Customers who booked their bottles at the time of the first release will receive them through a launching event during the last week of September.

Reservations for the second batch to be released will also be aged in Lebanese Oak, but will have a slightly lower ABV at 45% and retail for $67 per bottle. Customers who place an order can expect delivery sometime during the last week of October or the first week of November.


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