Leila Min Lebnen expands KSA operation

Leila Min Lebnen expands KSA operation


Leila Min Lebnen’s 3rd KSA restaurant

Leila Min Lebnen KSA is a home-grown Lebanese restaurant, has opened its second branch in Riyadh. This brings the total to four branches in Lebanon and 13 across the Arab world. These operate in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. The interior offers guests a design that is authentically-traditional, but with a modern twist in keeping with the times.

Moltaka Al Zad for Tourism establishes, develops and operates Leila Min Lebnen restaurants in Riyadh. The original founders devised a franchising system structured to support operations before, during and after opening a new branch. This they believe will ensure a smooth roll-out. Leila’s team helps with every step along the way, from choosing locations, restaurant design, orientation and training, equipment, as well as field support.


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