markit, Lebanon’s 1st mobile supermarket application

markit, Lebanon’s 1st mobile supermarket application

markit founders

The Founders: Sara Abi Nader, Wael Bizri, Tamara Irshaid and Yasmin Yassin

The idea of markit started many years ago by a group of friends who saw a need for an easy and convenient grocery application service. In 2014, these four individuals began working on the project, which was made available to the Lebanese market 10 months ago. The premise was quite simple, yet the execution was complicated as there were so many details (and still are) to focus on, in order to deliver a high quality customer-centric service.

Despite the fact that such technologies were already available, the groundwork for the platform had to be designed from scratch. It also had to be fully customized to the FMCG industry and in so doing help supermarkets manage the additional number of orders along with stock control and delivery times.

Last year, , their vision saw the light and in turn made the lives of those who opted to use the service more convenient, at no extra cost whatsoever! Users would download the markit app and in less than five minutes gain access to thousands of items found in Beirut’s top supermarkets. Once the selection is finalized, a specific time is scheduled for delivery with an ASAP option under 45 minutes.

markit facts

To get the facts straight, HN spoke to one of the founders, Sara Abi Nader who said, “We launched markit on April 24 of last year and only received seven orders on the first day. Since then, the app has gained over 2,000 loyal users placing an average of 200 daily orders, which to date amounts to over 20,000 orders delivered and growing at an accelerating rate. These figures are quite promising, especially considering market size, as well as our limited reach, which at the moment is restricted to the capital Beirut. However, we are constantly working on expanding our reach and adding more members to our network, thereby increasing our offerings. On that note, we make it a point to keep ourselves informed to the latest market trends to guarantee that most of our customers’ demands are covered.

Furthermore, most of the in-store items available on our app rank high in terms of quality and freshness. And to top it all off, the delivery services must be quick, efficient and to a fairly high degree, accurate to ensure the lowest possible margin of error. Best of all, if the end consumers use our app to place their order instead of directly calling the store, they are absolved from paying a delivery charge. Lastly, and in relation to revenue, our company receives a percentage from the reseller based on purchases made. The reseller in turn is ensured higher sales margins and the consumers are guaranteed a hassle free shopping experience in the comfort of their own homes. That I would call a winning proposition for one and all.”


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