Deutsche Hospitality launches new brand

Deutsche Hospitality launches new brand


Deutsche Hospitality is presenting a new hotel brand, MAXX by Steigenberger, which will be joining Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, Jaz in the City and IntercityHotel in its portfolio in future.


The group launched its new Deutsche Hospitality umbrella brand just under 18 months ago with the intention of instigating further hotel brands.


MAXX by Steigenberger will occupy the upscale segment and thus fill an existing space between the brands Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts (luxury and upper upscale), IntercityHotel (upper mid-scale) and Jaz in the City (lifestyle).


Deutsche Hospitality’s CEO Thomas Willms explained that the group was taking this step in order to make better use of the available opportunities and to accelerate growth. “Up until now, we have been operating with three strong hotel brands. Their positioning has, however, imposed highly restrictive requirements regarding the respective destinations, locations and properties. For this reason, we have regularly had to reject projects that were not a good fit for this portfolio. MAXX by Steigenberger possesses more flexible hardware standards and this provides us with the leeway we need to pursue qualitative and quantitative growth”.

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The brand launch of MAXX by Steigenberger is in line with the group’s strategy of striving for expansion both within its German language domestic base and in the international growth markets. The new brand will act as a crucial lever for the generation of even more dynamism in this process.


Specific negotiations for the first MAXX by Steigenberger hotels are already underway, and initial locations are expected to be announced shortly.

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