Nada Sardouk


Nada Sardouk
Director General
Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

After obtaining a BA in French Language and Literature from the Lebanese University, she immediately began to teach what she had learned in the midst of a civil war. Unrelenting in her quest to highlight the wealth of the printed word, she went on to become a lecturer in French literature, while also devoting her time to pedagogical questions. Her career takes a new turn when she, in the early 2000s is appointed as the first female to head the directorate general position at the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism. Her unwavering belief in the country’s tourism industry saw her promoting Lebanon as a go-to regional touristic hub. She went on to attain a DEA in linguistics from the University of Orleans-Tours and published a number of books on the subject. She has also been awarded the knight’s insignia of the National Order of Merit by the French government.
Sardouk comments on the role women play in hospitality saying, “Women represent the majority of employees in the tourism field because they are a huge asset to this industry. That is why they should master the different aspects of their working environment. They should surround themselves with a professional team, acknowledge their weakness, face their failures, embrace their responsibilities and be proud of their achievements. Women do things with great passion and that constitutes their main drive. Add confidence to that and you get a winning formula for success.”

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