Nespresso caters optimal solutions to Dubai’s hotel industry

Nespresso caters optimal solutions to Dubai’s hotel industry


Ricardo Martins, Regional B2B Commercial Manager, Nespresso Middle East & Africa

The Dubai Tourism Authority estimated, according to an article published in Khaleej Times titled, ‘Dubai hotels roll-out red carpet, that its hotel room supply is expected to reach 132,000 by 2019. And when it comes to choosing a new coffee supplier, premium hotels look for consistent quality, thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use machines, dependable after-sales service and a sustainable brand. “This is a huge opportunity, which allows us at Nespresso to forge partnerships that are mutually beneficial and meet the growing demand for tailored business services that hotels are constantly on the lookout for. The entire Nespresso system, from the aluminum capsule to the ultramodern machine, is designed to work seamlessly as one to deliver the perfect cup of coffee time after time,” said Ricardo Martins, Regional B2B Commercial Manager, Nespresso Middle East & Africa.

Nespresso company

The Nespresso story began over 30 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of coffee just like a skilled barista. Today, the brand has evolved from the pioneer and trendsetter into the reference in the portioned coffee category. “We offer our services to both consumers and other businesses, diversifying the coffee experience for coffee lovers and offering them high-quality coffee moments, wherever they may be. We also have our finger on the pulse of consumers’ tastes and have a wide range of coffees suitable for all taste profiles. The two most recent coffees we’ve introduced are Espresso Vanilla and Espresso Caramel both of which, use one of our best sellers as the base, the Espresso Forte. We know from research, that 84% of customers believe that serving Nespresso coffee shows that the brand pays attention to quality,” explained Martins.

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Further elaborating, he said, “Our range of professional machines combines exceptional functionality with sleek and durable design and ease of use. Our dedicated Nespresso professional representatives carry out a thorough appraisal of the hotels’ coffee needs before recommending the most appropriate Nespresso solution to suit the premises, be it a restaurant, café, hotel or fine dining establishment. We also understand that one of the biggest frustrations of hoteliers is poor after-sales service, so we take all steps to ensure that reliable and dedicated after-sales service remains an integral part of our offering. So, whether it’s office delivery, the loan of an extra machine, or scalable payment terms, Nespresso takes care of the details for its partners. More importantly, Nespresso is deeply committed to sustainability. It is our way of doing business and is at the heart of everything we do.”

The Nespresso plan

Through the company’s sustainability strategy under The Positive Cup program, we aim to reach our 2020 goal of making every cup of Nespresso coffee a positive one. This translates to 100% sustainably sourced coffee, 100% sustainably managed aluminum and 100% carbon insetting. In 2003, we launched the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, which invests in community infrastructures, pays price premiums for superior coffee, best agricultural practices and provides farmers with the necessary tools to continuously improve their performance in each of the three A’s of the program: quality, sustainability and productivity.

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