Nicolas Audi’s Artful Approach To Catering

Nicolas Audi’s Artful Approach To Catering


Nicolas Audi, interior architect, artist, chef, restaurateur and founder of Lebanon’s most reputed catering company, talks about his love for the profession and the various elements that make up his tactful gastronomic approach, while revealing the ideas his company is considering for the near future.

“I use a horizontal approach and, in so doing, am always aware of and alert to every single detail, no matter how small or big,” he noted. “For me, the culinary journey begins with the eye, which is why the color, shape and texture of the ingredients that end up in a dish are paramount to the dining experience.”

Audi describes this method of operating as “food architecture”. “Another approach I use is hand-drawn illustrations, which help me to visualize, document and then execute new creations,” he added.

For Audi, one of the biggest challenges when meeting clients is listening to their requests and then translating that vision into a reality.

“That’s why no two projects are ever the same – because the spaces always differ,” he said. “The key lies in accurately reflecting the identity of the person or the brand to the fullest possible extent. That is part of our success.”

Audi told HN that looking ahead, the company is considering opening a specialized F&B consulting service, dedicated entirely to that very specific matter. “We are also considering expanding our patisserie division, as we see tremendous growth potential in that sector, be it individual demand from stores or private functions,” he concluded.

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