Pozzoli’s art of breaking bread

Pozzoli’s art of breaking bread


Since its launch 42 years ago, Maison Pozzoli has carved a niche as a landmark artisanal bakery. In an exclusive interview with HN, Master Baker François Pozzoli himself, who is participating at HORECA 2019, talks all things bread-related

What would you say are some of the elements behind Pozzoli’s phenomenal growth?
Despite the fact that our enterprise only has shops in France, where we operate, our name is well-known elsewhere, thanks to our association with some of the world’s most reputed bread ambassadors. On a different note, when it comes to the key elements contributing to our success, my advice would be:
• Always be reliable
• Always be faithful to your convictions
• Always respect customers, partners and even competitors
• Always live your passion and try to share it as often as possible when opportunity arises

How is the local/international bread market doing compared to last year?
It would seem that the market is always changing before bakeries have the chance to employ and train additional members of staff to satisfy demand. Today’s consumers have become quite trying and are increasingly scrutinizing the minutest details, thereby driving specialty bakeries to the forefront. They also want to know as much information about the product as possible before making a purchase, from ingredients, their source and traceability to eco-friendliness.

What are the brand’s most sought-after varieties of bread and what are their characteristics?
We have got some signature products, like the ‘Seigle Auvergnat’, a bread made of 90 percent rye, 10 percent wheat and liquid yeast, which is a perfect product to eat with seafood, oysters and various types of meat. Another trending product is our so-called ‘signature bread’, which represents Pozzoli’s amassed knowledge of the breadmaking craft. This bread is kneaded by hand, and contains small amounts of salt and yeast, before undergoing a lengthy 20-hour fermentation process at a temperature of 18°celcius. This time-consuming and physically demanding process results in a uniquely tasting type of bread, according to industry connoisseurs.


What can you offer consumers looking for the healthiest possible products?
All our breads and viennoiseries are made using the ‘respectus panis’ method created by the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France in the bakery division. This kind of product, made from cereal, is our bestseller. First, the sesame is roasted, while the cereal liquid yeast is prepared. Then, finally it’s fermented prior to serving for a duration of 20 hours.

What are the biggest challenges in your line of work and what are your plans for expanding?
The bread-crafting part is the most difficult aspect of this profession, taking into account the challenges relating to the research and investment budgets available to the industry’s top brands. It’s also important that we always keep informed of the latest cutting-edge advances, while remaining vigilant and uncompromising on quality, in an industry that is growing ever-more competitive.



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