Rotana commits to LIFE to face COVID-19

Rotana commits to LIFE to face COVID-19


During these challenging times to business sectors across the globe, as well as to humanity itself, Rotana shows resilience, and reinforces its commitment to client servicing as a top priority. HN talks to Guy Hutchinson, CEO, about the chain’s measures to face the Coronavirus outbreak.

The importance of brand equity 

Over the past three decades, the global hospitality sector has weathered many storms, but this instability has also led to sustained and robust growth. “During this period, Rotana has evolved into a leading hotel brand, expanding from a single property in Abu Dhabi in 1993 to a current portfolio of more than 100 hotels in 27 cities across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Africa,” according to  Hutchinson. He added: “Our growth story is one of success, but also determination and commitment during periods of uncertainty and economic turbulence. We have overcome multiple challenges and seized several opportunities, making our foray in uncharted territories to create new hospitality markets.” With the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that’s impacting economies globally, the hospitality sector has been severely impacted. Hutchinson believes that the industry has already taken proactive steps to halt the spread of the virus. “Rotana was quick to implement a stringent health and safety policy, with strict practices and procedures in place designed to protect our guests, staff and partners at all times.” He stressed that the safety and wellbeing of Rotana’s guests are always their utmost priority. He continued: “We are doing everything we can to protect them and our colleagues at this very difficult time. This reflects our commitment to ‘LIFE’, which encapsulates Rotana’s corporate values: L, for our long-term relationships with guests, colleagues and partners; I, for innovation, adapting to changing guest needs and fast-evolving external factors; F, for the friendliness we extend to our guests; and E, for our ethical approach to taking care of guests and colleagues. Our LIFE motto has never resonated more clearly than now and we hope it gives guests confidence and comfort that when they stay with Rotana, they are in caring and safe hands. I sincerely hope the whole world emerges from this safely and stronger than ever.”

A sustainability strategy 

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The diversity of brands the Rotana chain has under its belt, makes it more resilient than any other mono-branded chains in difficult times. “Controlled expansion is the cornerstone of our sustainable development strategy and we continue to strengthen our footprint in markets where we already operate and to explore opportunities in new destinations where we believe there is demand for our  signature hospitality. Similarly, Rotana’s commercial endeavours in new and traditional source markets have been instrumental to achieving sustained growth,” he said. He explained that the chain’s efforts to promote Rotana hotels in Saudi Arabia has paid dividends with the kingdom emerging as one of the company’s key source markets for business in 2019. “Furthermore, we continue to improve operational efficiencies and rationalize costs to maintain margins; adopt technology and embrace innovation to enhance the guest experience; and to implement sustainable practices to reduce our impact on the environment.”

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