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Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Operations, Rove Hotels

Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Operations, Rove Hotels

HN spoke to Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Operations, Rove Hotels, a brand making waves throughout UAE’s hospitality industry.

Today’s discerning hotel guests expect a different kind of hospitality experience, so, what would you consider to be your biggest selling points?

Hospitality is certainly an evolving sector. Guests, specially millennials and Gen Zs are looking for different experiences from what hotels have traditionally offered. The Rove brand has been a great success in Dubai’s hyper-competitive market because it has put on the table a very different concept, which resonates with the new generation of travelers.

We offer very stylish and instagram-friendly hotel interiors, great facilities with all the essentials, 5 central locations and a few convenient add-ons that enhance the overall experience such as a ZOOM supermarket open 24-hours a day, co-working spaces, a self-service laundromat, some entertainment offerings in common areas like a video game console , vintage arcade machines and so on. Our service is also very different, we follow a fuss-free and friendly approach that allows our guests to feel truly at home. All these factors have contributed to Rove Hotels dominating the Trip Advisor rankings, with all our 5 hotels located within the city’s top spots among competitors in the same category, something we are very proud of. Furthermore, our rates are affordable, so our guests receive great value for their money.

What added value does a guest receive that is different or even unavailable elsewhere?

The new generation of travelers are looking for authentic experiences and great value while staying permanently connected to the world around them. Rove Hotels caters to this audience by offering them spaces where they can work comfortable away from the office, plenty of plugs and USB sockets to keep their devices charged, artsy interiors that allow them to express themselves creatively on social media networks, iMac computers for their use in public areas as well as plenty of connectivity around the hotel with free high-speed wi-fi and smart TVs in the rooms. All these features are essential for digital nomads and we pair them with convenient facilities like the aforementioned laundromat or unique features like the boutique cinema we have at Rove Downtown. The combination is an overall experience that is completely different to traditional hotels.

What are some examples related to the hotel’s focus on design, urban life and uplifting experiences?

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All our hotels are linked to the neighborhood where they are located. The art inside our hotels is entirely sourced from locally-based artists and depicts the history and interesting aspects of the area surrounding the hotel. For example, Rove City Centre is located near Dubai Creek, one of the city’s most historical areas and traditionally linked to fishing and pearl diving. For that reason, the main artwork at the hotel’s lobby is made out of traditional fishing nets used by local fishermen. These references to local heritage is visible across all our properties. Our facilities and decor are very quirky and modern, yet offers guests a cozy and laid-back ambience. 

Lastly, what does ultramodern amenities and plenty of add-ons mean?

We offer very modern amenities in all our rooms, such as power-rain showers, 48” interactive TV, plenty of universal, as well as plenty of USB outlets for guests to stay connect at all times throughout their stay. Mind you, this feature is uncommon in most mid-market hotels. Additionally, by add-on we refer to a sofa-bed available in each room, a mini-fridge for Rovers’ to use at their discretion, a free high-speed Internet connection throughout the hotels with interconnected rooms comprising the overall total inventory. We also have many leisure and entertainment facilities for guests in common areas, such as the aforementioned games, outdoor pools and a 24-hour gym.


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