Arab StarPack Pro competition launches

Arab StarPack Pro competition launches


A first of its kind in the Middle East, the Arab StarPack Pro competition aims at promoting the marketing, competitiveness and exports of regionally-manufactured products.

The press conference, held at the Union of Arab Chambers, announced the launch of the competition by the Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries in cooperation with the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization, the Arab Federation for Food Industries and the Union of Arab Chambers. The event was organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Lebanese Packaging Center (LibanPack) headed by Nabil Gemayel with the support of the World Packaging Organization and the Lebanese Ministry of Industry.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Fady Gemayel, the President of the Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries said, “In the past, packaging was confined to the logistical dimension of protecting and distributing products, now it additionally plays a significant role in promoting and selling products.” Dani Gedeon, the Director General of the Ministry of Industry emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships and the Ministry’s efforts in establishing such partnerships with the private sector. While Soha Atallah, Director of LibanPack highlighted the importance of packaging for commercial, marketing and competitive processes. The industry level competition aims at increasing the awareness among SMEs on the importance of developing capacities in the field of packaging to improve competitiveness, marketing and export potential of many sectors, specifically the food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector. Ali Badarneh, UNIDO’s Project Manager highlighted LibanPack’s role in the development and expansion of the competition, emphasizing that it now plays a regional role in supporting and raising the packaging sector in Arab countries to international levels. Concluding, Dr. Johannes Bergmair, the Secretary General of the World Packaging Organization confirmed WPO’s willingness to support and cooperate with LibanPack on the regional and international level, specifically in launching the Arab packaging competition for professionals, which will allow winners to participate in the international competition.


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