Tony Kitous’ new catering company

Tony Kitous’ new catering company


Aptly called Feasts from the Middle East, the founder of Comptoir Libanais, the successful restaurant chain, has followed-up on his dream and launched a catering company. Tony Kitous, also founder of Levant, Kenza, Yalla Yalla and Shawa, has unveiled Feasts from the Middle East, a specialist catering company that promises to deliver the bold flavors of the region to homes and venues across the UK and Europe.

Kitous has formed a partnership with The Admirable Crichton, the celebrated event design specialist, to create the new offer that will bring the best food and hospitality of the Middle East and North Africa to events, product launches, award ceremonies, weddings and private parties.

“Eating provides a glorious opportunity to be with friends, family, colleagues or clients to talk, laugh, celebrate and share the latest news. I am lucky enough to say that I have created a life around Middle Eastern food, traditions and hospitality, both in the Middle East and the UK,” explained Kitous.

Anis Asghar, chief executive of The Admirable Crichton, added, “Feasts from the Middle East is an incredibly exciting project. After all, food brings people together so what better way to bring such delicious Middle Eastern dishes to life than through this partnership. We’re delighted to be working with Tony and his team on this project to ensure that authentic Middle Eastern cuisine comes alive in some of the best venues and finest events across Europe.”

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The partnership between Feasts from the Middle East and The Admirable Crichton will give clients access to an enviable selection of venues, including royal palaces, museums and galleries. The catering company specializes in mezze dishes, in addition to opulent dishes of roasted lamb, grilled meats and rice dishes. To further ensure that no one is left out, the company also offers delicious plant-based dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans including a mix of rich and perfumed sweet treats.

Kitous concluded, “I want people to fall in love with the Middle East and what better way than to enjoy its bold flavors and generous selection than to share them with family, friends and colleagues.”

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