The new syndicate of RCNP Lebanon

The new syndicate of RCNP Lebanon


Lebanese Syndicate Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-clubs and Pastries

Tony Ramy was re-elected President of the Lebanese Syndicate Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-clubs and Pastries by unanimous vote. Khaled Nazha continues to serve as Vice President, Maya Bekhazi Noun as General Secretary and Aref Saade as Treasurer.

The election, held on 12 March, 2019 under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, also saw the election of the syndicate’s eight board members who are:

  • Chirine Salha
  • Siham Tueni
  • Charif Doumit
  • Donald Batal
  • Youssef Akiki
  • Mustafa El Samad
  • Makram Rbeiz
  • Jad Abou Jaoude

In his opening speech of the year as Syndicate President, Tony Ramy said, “I am delighted to welcome the syndicate’s new family members, especially the leading women who have left their own mark on this sector. The new council is characterized by the spirit of youth and the diversity of expertise, which all members will employ for the betterment of the hospitality industry. The previous phase was organizational and focused on restructuring the union by increasing the number of its registered members and the quality of services they offer the country’s tourism sector. This is especially important now that Lebanon has a new government. It will allow us to modernize various laws and decrees so as to better regulate and improve the tourism sector in general and the restaurant sector in particular. I would also like to express my support in the syndicate members’ efforts to arrive at solutions that will see them overcoming current obstacles to ensure a brighter future for Lebanon. I am confident that we will succeed in achieving this and in turn see Lebanon’s hospitality industry rising to its former glory. In conclusion, I would like to commend the solidarity exhibited by the professionals and their support for their union. This, I am certain, will further empower them to offer more and by reciprocity grow our syndicate.”

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