Zaatar W Zeit beyond borders

Zaatar W Zeit beyond borders


Mahmoud Sobh, general manager, Zaatar W Zeit said, “Since 1999, Zaatar w Zeit has been the go-to, iconic urban eatery for consumers of all ages, sustainably growing from a bakery into a leading fast-casual regional franchise.

Currently available in Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, its expansion plans have now got underway in Canada.” He added that Zaatar w Zeit’s success has been largely due to the diversified categories of offerings, all of which are fresh and wholesome. “Although we started with the Mankousheh, we have evolved to include much more, such as wraps, skillets, teasers, salads and desserts.” Sobh added that despite the brand’s evolution, they still celebrate the Mankousheh once a year, on November 2, a day now marked as ‘World Mankousheh Day’, on which they distribute free zaatar mankoushes to local businesses, neighborhoods and charities.


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