Celebrate International Chefs Day in a healthy way

Celebrate International Chefs Day in a healthy way


Each year on October 20th, Worldchefs celebrates International Chefs Day.

Since its creation by the Late Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, Worldchefs has been committed to using International Chefs Day to celebrate our noble profession, always remembering that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of Chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future.

Over the past years, Worldchefs has partnered with Nestlé Professional to teach kids around the globe about the importance of healthy eating by hosting fun-filled workshops worldwide.

This year’s International Chefs Day campaign theme is Healthy Food for the Future.With the Chef’s input, education and knowledge, kids will be able to create recipes out of healthy foods.

All Chefs from around the globe are invited to host their very own Healthy Food for the Future workshop in their region. It could be an event for your own children, or an event for 300 children, every child counts and it is important to share the opportunity to learn and enjoy eating healthy food.


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