16 under 30: Rawad Boulos

16 under 30: Rawad Boulos


Rawad Boulos


Rawad Boulos, 30
Managing partner, Riverlane, Lebanon

BS Hospitality Management/Master’s in Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Place of Study
Sagesse University, Lebanon
First job
Sales at online shopping platform, Makhsoom
“Life and happiness are all about balance.”
Ultimate goal in life
“To be happy and successful, knowing that I positively impacted the people around me.”
Advice for the next generation
“Plan ahead in both your business and personal life.”

Growing up, Rawad Boulos came to realize that his favorite times were those that involved helping to organize a good time for people around him. Having decided to make a career out of it, he began working in the event management and hospitality industry. Boulos’s current project is Riverlane park and entertainment area in Jisr El Wati.

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