5 Questions to Chawki Edmond Barakat

5 Questions to Chawki Edmond Barakat


In an exclusive interview with Chawki Edmond Barakat, the Managing Director of Barakat Food Company, HN learns all about his take on the COVID-19 pandemic, his expansion plans and motto for life.

1. What are Barakat Food Company’s brands and what is the total number of branches?

We have around 12 branches in Kuwait for the following brands: Alghanim Restaurant; Mais Alghanim To Go; Mais Catering; and Shawarma Matic.

2. How do you plan to adapt to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and what do you expect to be the ‘new normal’ in its aftermath?

We plan to implement several measures. Firstly, all staff will be checked with a thermometer prior to entering the premises.
The dining area will be reconfigured to adhere to social distancing guidelines and there will be notices giving guidelines on handwashing and sanitizers at reception.
Staff will wear masks and gloves when serving customers, while cutlery will be pre-packed in clear plastic packaging. We also plan to develop an auto-immune menu to help combat viruses.

3. What is your motto for life?

Live blissfully.

4. How is your restaurant going green? 

We’re currently working with local suppliers to convert all our packing to environmentally friendly biodegradable options for our Mais Alghanim To Go and Shawarma Matic brands.

5. What are your upcoming projects?

We’re currently looking into franchising our Mais Alghanim To Go enter the GCC, in addition to growing our B2B business locally.


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