5 questions with Rony Abou Saab, founder of Sandwich W Noss

5 questions with Rony Abou Saab, founder of Sandwich W Noss


Born in 2015, Sandwich W Noss has been growing steadily with an aim to reinvent the original and authentic Lebanese snack experience. HN spoke to Rony Abou Saab, founder, about his business plans and upcoming development strategy.

How do you assess the development, growth, and success of the Sandwich W Noss brand?

We believe the launch of Sandwich W Noss raised the standards in the Lebanese street food QSR and snacks in the country. This could be seen from the competition behavior and the rise of new concepts that are similar to it. The  fact that we have now seven branches and 150 employees in a matter of just four years, is a breakthrough by itself. We want to provide the best value for street food lovers that’s why we will keep on upgrading the concept as we grow. Most importantly, the brand has now a local and regional appeal and is recognized for doing things differently.

Rony Abou Saab, Founder

How did you face the challenges of the Lebanese market? and how did you adapt?

We believe that challenges are opportunities and they are the main driver that helps us meet the customer expectations. Moreover, I have to say that getting the right team on board is key to meet these challenges. Lebanon has always been considered as a lab for concepts, the homework is done locally and then minor adaptations are adapted internationally.

Do you believe such challenges make the brand even stronger and more powerful to debut and operate in other markets?

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Definitely, for the simple fact that the core customer preferences are mainly the same across all markets as they all want the food to have a superior taste, to be consistent and to be delivered fast . The variations are mainly related to taste and ingredients.

Do you have plans to expand the concept abroad? Where, when and with whom?

Absolutely. We have built a solid franchise system and we are in negotiations with various key markets that have shown very high interest in the brand. Some of the markets that I would name are KSA, Egypt, Dubai, and Qatar. Our aspirations are to open in London and New York and I think getting there is a matter of time.

Do you have any other concepts in your pipeline that you’re willing to develop this year? What are they and when will they see the light?

We have two new concepts in the pipeline. Nevertheless, we decided to hold the launch and focus on Sandwich W Noss for this year and finalize the upgrades that the brand needs, so 2021 will see the birth of the first one of the new two.

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