A Chat with Bulldozer Group’s Co-Founder

A Chat with Bulldozer Group’s Co-Founder


Evgeny Kuzin, Bulldozer Group’s co-founder and chairman, sits down with HN to discuss the current challenges facing the food scene and future plans.

1. Bulldozer Group has a range of brands, BASE; GAIA; Shanghai Me; Scalini; Cipriani; Socialista; NYX; 1 OAK Dubai; Seven Sisters; and Antika Bar, totaling 12 branches, in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Monaco. How did the group adapt to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and what do you expect to be the ‘new normal’ in its aftermath? 

We will begin to see the impact and our ‘new normal’ in the coming weeks and months, as venues start to re-open with precautionary safety measures, capacity restrictions and masks. There has been incredible growth in the delivery space around the world, and this is something we are excited to explore. We are now more focused than ever on maintaining our premium dining and entertaining concepts.
In the long run, I believe that people will return to normal and that restaurants will be as busy as they were before. I am incredibly grateful to the UAE for all of the measures and strategies they have put in place to ensure our safety, and that of our families and businesses. This country has given us a unique platform to grow, expand and showcase our skills.

 2. What is your motto for life?
Believe in yourself and love what you do.

3.What was your highlight of the year?
In the past 12 months, we have solidified our plans for international expansion, with the opening of GAIA in Monaco and Scalini Riyadh, the first of many restaurants planned for the Kingdom.

4. How is your restaurant going green?
We do our best to ensure we’re reducing waste where possible by streamlining our kitchen operations and sourcing sustainable products.

5. What trends do you forecast?
I think the Dubai F&B industry will continue to mature. We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of premium casual dining venues that provide guests with excellent cuisine, a relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices.

6. What are your upcoming projects?
Internationally, we are working on the launch of GAIA London and our large-scale expansion into Saudi Arabia. We are also working on a delivery concept that is soon to be revealed.


LinkedIn: Evgeny-Kuzin

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