A Sixth Sense with a Bleu touch

A Sixth Sense with a Bleu touch


Rana Nasr Dammous, design manager, BLEU Design Consultants in Lebanon is not one to shy away from challenges. Always seeing the silver lining in any situation, she is braving the many storms with her talented partners:  Nathalie Frangi, Maria Aouad, Mira El Moukaddam and a passionate team of interior designers, one of their latest projects is set to open in 2022. Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada in the Caribbean, is the latest by Range Developments, the company behind the celebrated Park Hyatt St Kitts and Cabrits Resort Kempinski Dominica.

1. Tell us more about your latest project Six Senses La Sagesse?  

It is a piece of paradise designed in a period where we discovered what really matters! We know the rules now: living experiences, connecting with ourselves and with nature…. In these tough times, we are shedding our skin and going back to the values that make us human. Set in a Caribbean haven, Six Senses hotel idyllic design with 100 93 guest rooms spread over 28 acres and an adjoining collection of 6 luxurious villas, allows visitors to reconnect with themselves and nature. It is designed in a fusional way with nature, the outdoor and interior spaces merge. It’s a story as old as time. Imagine the ultimate holiday destination: sun, birds, trees, and an endless view of blue water- exactly what the doctor ordered: a tropical Eden. The temptation of the hustle and bustle of everyday city life has diminished; the world was forced to slow down, take a step back, and finally listen to what nature has to say.

Six Senses La Sagesse is situated in the midst of raw unspoiled intoxicating beauty with the sounds of colorful creole, Spicemas, and musical smiles. Here, guests enjoy the simple pleasures, energizing adventures, and quirky friendships. The resort is designed hand in hand with nature- there is no place where the outdoor ends and the interior begins. As you arrive to the village, you are welcomed through an experience center- a place where you can sign up for a workshop or two, book an excursion in the island. This approach removes the formality of the guest within the space, and helps make him or her feel like they belong. As guests wander off, they can enjoy crafting their own natural herbal remedies in a modern day version of an apothecary presented through an Alchemy Bar and Earth Lab.

This dream destination also comes with endless options to satisfy one’s palette- whatever might come to mind! The village is filled with multiple bars, restaurants, and dessert stations. Each outlet is specified with its own menu but all keep in mind the fabric identity of Six Senses and Grenada. We designed with food…. Depending on the nature of the outlet, the interior has changed to fit the characteristic of the space. For example, the all-day dining experience is filled with communal tables whereas the sand bar has “your feet in the sand”. If guests want to dress up, the specialty restaurant is ready to serve them crudo, salads made table side, coal roasted cuts of the day- all inspired by its location and nature around it. Walking though the resort, the relationship between the indoors and the landscape is so tightly knit that you cannot tell where one ends and another begins.

The spa is not only a destination in this resort- it’s a way to live. The fully integrated wellness program is no longer confined to a spa or fitness center- it accompanies the guest from the minute of his or her arrival until leaving. Six Senses offers a variety of programs that provide a holistic approach including nutrition, sleep, treatments, as well as meditation and mindfulness. Each program will be consulted to fit the guest’s needs.

Going back to rest after a long day of relaxation and stress relief, the resort offers five different types of accommodation. Whether it’s in the form of typical guestrooms or larger villas ranging from one to four bedrooms, the design is captivating. It is fully integrated within nature, with infinity pools and scenic views of the Caribbean.

Overall, this paradise is being brought to life by Range Developments in 2022 who is the most successful developer of luxury hotels in the area and is known for its citizenship by investment programs which will also be available in this property.

Bleu is especially enthusiastic about this project. The Client trusted us and we have put all our heart in it. Designing the interiors of this resort tickled our brains with everything going on in the world. We had the opportunity to cultivate this tropical Eden with all measures taken for the new normal. Specializing in hospitality, this is not the first Six Senses resort we have designed. We have also worked on developing a Six Senses hotel in the island of St. Kitts as well as the refurbishment of Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman.

2. Sustainability is an integral part of all your projects, can you elaborate on that? How did you adapt your design to Covid-19?

We tend to shy away from “green washing” and false “eco- friendly” branding.

The “new normal” post COVID-19 centers around rethinking requirements and needs, from wholesome indoor environments, transitional and filtered entrances, to the need for green spaces, natural light, zero-maintenance buildings, touch-free interactions, and technology based sanitization, with enough distancing and friendly physical separations.  However, we need to make sure that the new normal is consistent and smooth enough to go unnoticed rather than seem over designed.

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