Al Beiruti restau-café opened its doors in Dubai

Al Beiruti restau-café opened its doors in Dubai


Lebanese Al Beiruti, an all-day dining destination, has opened its doors in Dubai. It is located in Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, next- door to the Lamborghini showroom.

The place promises something for every part of every day: Bright mornings over freshly-made Mankoushé and that perfect cup of coffee on the terrace, long lunches with the family, afternoons with friends animated by the sounds of Tawlé games, and loungy evenings well spent over a Shisha crafted to perfection by Al Beiruti’s very own Shisha Master.

“What makes the Al Beiruti Restau-Café experience so unique is its perfect balance between casual & chic, bringing together people from all ages and nationalities to enjoy an unmatched culinary experience featuring a mouthwatering all-day dining menu, which includes a delicious Lebanese & oriental breakfast” said Samer Zayat, the man behind Al Beiruti.

Arches made of steel amid patterned tiles, concrete, and homey furniture, all represent Al Beiruti’s cross between traditional Lebanese architecture elements, and modern-day industrialism.

Its Show Kitchen – a main feature never before seen in the vast realm of Lebanese cuisine – offers guests an immersive and visually-satisfying experience. From mezzes being whipped up to perfection, blazing flames on the charcoal grill, freshly carved Shawarma made the old-fashioned and other signature items being prepared in an open environment enticing both foodies and design enthusiasts alike.

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