Baky Hospitality sets Egypt on the Middle East’s upscale dining map

Baky Hospitality sets Egypt on the Middle East’s upscale dining map


Lexie’s is Baky Hospitality‘s newest modern Italian restaurant. The restaurant brings every bit of the Italian passion to its kitchen. Classic Italian dishes are given a modern twist including the focaccia, pizza dough, stuffed pasta and gelato. The showstopper of the dining experience is the Risotto Mushroom. 

“We wanted to stay true to what Lexie’s is, yet bring as much focus as possible to the local ingredients,” said Baky. “Some things are best left for Italians to produce. We import the artisanal Burrata cheese, crafted in small batches in a farmhouse in Italy; it is one of those good milky cheeses, the kind that keeps you coming back for more. And, of course, the exceptional Balsamico vinegar, stored and aged for 8 years at the Venturini Baldini vineyards in Italy”. 

To accompany the new dining experience, Baky has collaborated with one of Beirut’s ‘angriest bartenders’, Walid Merhi, co-owner of Ferdinand Gastro Pub. Talented Merhi, who has now been appointed as the Beverage director at Baky Hospitality, has carefully created the latest Lexie’s cocktails to bring the perfect balance of tastes. 

Perfecting Lexie’s relaunch, Baky didn’t stop there, he knew that music was just as important as the F&B. So, he went the extra mile joining forces with The Maestro Jordi Carreras from Barcelona, Spain to mix music specifically for Lexie’s – and later on for Sachi and Kazoku too. Jordi takes his music curation and mixes seriously, he selects and carefully mixes his music to set a unique and mood for each restaurant. 

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