Business talk with Richard Haddad

Business talk with Richard Haddad


Richard Haddad, CEO of Jannah Hotels and Resorts, knows a thing or two about running a successful hotel chain. We sat with veteran hotelier to find out what it takes to excel in the industry.

What defines an accomplished hotelier?
It is all about staying connected to investors, partners, guests and employees to find a balance that ensures their expectations are always aligned.

What is your mantra?
Nothing is impossible. Passion is the key to success.

What motivates you to be successful?
I measure success by three indicators: satisfied guests; passionate, inspired employees; and exceptional financial results.

What has been your biggest professional achievement to date?
Leading the company to recovery during one of the most challenging times for our industry was definitely a highlight, as was the opening of Edge Creekside Hotel during the pandemic.

You have been credited with introducing various performance development and expansion initiatives at Jannah Hotels and Resorts. What have you learned in your near 30-year career?
When I first ventured into the industry, it was due to pure passion. It is this passion that is the main driver for all the successes throughout my career; the passion to challenge existing systems, to be innovative, to accept a transformational approach, to achieve great results, to introduce new concepts and to not forget the details in this journey.

How were you able to manage the company during such a challenging year?
In difficult times as in good times, the key to overcoming challenges is in engaging openly with the team and making sure they know that we are all in this together. While we had to ride out the first phase with a clear recovery plan, this ensured the team’s focus, and we succeeded in getting back on track without any redundancies

How do you foresee the hospitality landscape post Covid-19?
Although I wish that travel would return to how it was pre Covid-19, I believe that we will see a greater emphasis placed on hygiene at all touchpoints throughout the journeys we take.

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?
We have drafted a 10-year growth strategy with plans to expand both domestically and internationally. We are in talks with investors in various markets, primarily in Asia and Africa. The Covid-19 situation has delayed the process slightly, but we are confident we will close some deals in 2021. As for our existing portfolio, we are in the process of launching various food and beverage concepts as well as considering renovation plans so that our hotels remain competitive.

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