Celebrating Boecker’s 27th anniversary

Celebrating Boecker’s 27th anniversary


Boecker, the largest public health company in the Middle East, recently celebrated 27 years in the industry. We sat with Michel Bayoud, the firm’s CEO, to find out more about Boecker’s enduring success and the recent surge in demand for hygiene services.

When was Boecker established? 
I founded Boecker on January 5, 1994, during Beirut’s post-war reconstruction. Our first branch was in Ain Mreisseh.

To what do you attribute the success and longevity of Boecker? 
It’s a combination of things: our continuous pursuit of excellence by implementing international standards, adhering to quality protocols, hiring high-caliber people and behaving like a global player. We pride ourselves on being a powerful brand that communicates and engages well with clients, suppliers and stakeholders. This is how we have managed to establish an excellent reputation — thanks to our reliability and consistency.

What have been your biggest challenges?
Our biggest challenges, to name a few, have been the 2008 financial crises, the Middle East’s economic instability, the political uncertainty, the current financial crisis in Lebanon and the regulatory environment in the region.

What do you predict will happen in the industry this year?
Twenty twenty-one will be a challenging year, as we will witness the end of Covid-19 and the start of global economic recovery, which usually begins by assessing the damage before planning the recovery.

How did you commemorate Boecker’s recent anniversary?
We celebrated 27 years in the business with our clients and colleagues through a set of throwback moments on social media.

What are your expansion plans?
In 2021, we are considering the possibility of entering the African market and furthering our presence in the GCC. Our work in germ control is expected to stabilize, while our focus on food safety will be growing as we adopt the latest ground-breaking technologies in the field of food safety and food integrity. Boecker has a well-communicated seven-point strategy regarding its expansion and its corporate governance, which are now among its top priorities.


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