CryptoBnB launches the first hospitality utility token

CryptoBnB launches the first hospitality utility token


CryptoBnB, one of the world’s first online short-term rental and tenant smart matching platforms, announced a new partnership with WTC, Japa’s largest travel agency and B&B accommodation platform that focuses on product and services sharing economy.


The partnership with WTC is a key milestone that facilitates tremendous usage and practical application of the CKey token, the cryptocurrency issued by CryptoBnB, to become the first hospitality utility token used across global rental platforms.  The partnership allows CKey be used with 100,000 properties and in five countries across Asia.


“This partnership is the first conversion of a hospitality industry platform to utilize cryptocurrency, and many other new accommodation listings platform partnerships are in the pipeline,” said Tariq Alwahedi founder and CEO of CryptoBnB.  A global entrepreneur, industrialist, and business strategist, Alwahedi has over 20 years of international experience across diverse sectors including FMCG, oil and gas investments, heavy industries, petrochemicals, energy, construction, food & beverage and real estate. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Alwahedi is considered an innovative visionary in the cryptocurrency industry.


Matsubara Tomoya, CEO of World Travel commented: “CKey brings us huge advantage in terms of lots of data about our users that we can use to enhance our service, this technology was only possible to large chains before but now it became accessible to all property management companies.”


Additionally, another new step of integrating technology to CryptoBnB’s existing platform is the recently launched partnership with Kloudspot, which grants guests unrivaled access to Wi-Fi and unlimited data connectivity via CryptoConnect. Based on a guest’s profile, the technology adapts to better suit a customer’s behavior using real-time data, content and services. The technology anticipates a guest’s every need and suggests a solution, which will reduce stress and provide a more pleasurable experience. Kloudspot, a digital system that uses engagement systems over cloud managed WiFi and sensor networks, to build a more collaborative e-technology platform.

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“Our partnerships with World Travel and Kloudspot is essential to our business’s growth because it expands our users’ reach exponentially and are concrete steps towards the platform’s functionality,” said Alwahedi. “Through the partnerships, we strive to provide our hosts and guests with the most secure, trusted and elite services.”


Using AI and big data, coupled with the powers of World Travel and Kloudspot, CryptoBnB is suitable to form a customer’s digital wallet using the use of smart contracts. Digital wallets used to store identities and trust ratings will minimize risks and reduce usage fees.

For investor opportunities, CryptoBnB will be listed on Bancor and Palmex exchanges in March 2018, which will expand its exchanges portfolio.


“We are thrilled to be reaching such critical milestones ahead of our ICO launch date, which include listing our platform on two different exchanges,” added Alwahedi. “Prior to the ICO, we chose to move aggressively in our platform development and integrating CryptoBnB’s services with the global hospitality industry in order to better serve our travelling community with more transparency and consumer friendly platforms.”

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