Dubai’s MKN-Transmed Culinary Innovation Center renovated

Dubai’s MKN-Transmed Culinary Innovation Center renovated


The German specialist of professional cooking technology MKN is facing these challenging  times of the COVID-19 pandemic with new ideas to experience its world of cooking live and  online.

Besides the new MKN digital events on Facebook and Instagram, they have invested  to renovate the existing Culinary Innovation Center in Dubai along with Transmed. The  upgraded facility now offers best conditions for demos that allow distance and keep  everybody safe.  

Demos are now more convenient for operators, investors,  consultants and contractors as well as new concepts. And they are conducted individually for  every company and their special interests. A full presentation with the new MKN FlexiChef  2.0 and SpaceCombi Team and Magic Team as well as all other equipment of a professional  kitchen can be done via zoom or live. The MKN-Transmed Culinary Innovation Center is  prepared to be also a training center for the equipment operation or for equipment service  and maintenance, as well as food presentation from Transmed food service. 

No matter if you experience the MKN world of cooking live or online, experienced sales  professionals and chefs report on MKN equipment, cooking methods and individual food  products. While the chefs prepare a variety of dishes, viewers can gain deeper insight into  MKN professional cooking technology and new products. MKN and Transmed warmly invites  everyone to take part in the demos at the new Culinary Innovation Center live or as  interactive digital event. 

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