Five minutes with HR expert Carol Awad

Five minutes with HR expert Carol Awad


With an aim to foster productive and healthy workplace environments, Lebanese entrepreneur and strategic human resources expert Carol Awad has launched We learn more about the website and how it can help businesses.

What can you tell us about helps entrepreneurs and managers handle workplace-related issues by providing them with practical and feasible expertise-driven HR advice in Arabic, English and French.

How did the idea of creating come about?  
As a consultant, I used to receive many calls from professionals requesting HR advice. I therefore thought of a quick, efficient and remote-based way to help clients; it all started from there.

What differentiates from other HR service providers?
The call center is an innovative concept; it provides remote and immediate assistance for all workplace-related challenges.

What services does offer?
During the “Listen & Advise” sessions, our advisors provide recommendations based on three key elements: HR best practices, group dynamic and internal communication.  To foster a positive and productive team, we need to create an authentic workplace culture, improve job experience, provide proper feedback, promote self-autonomy and accountability, develop talent and promote wellbeing at work.

In your opinion, what are the HR best practices for startups, small and medium enterprises?
In the beginning, startups tend to forget about HR management. It is at a later stage, once they are successful, that they become aware of the need for HR expertise.
The best practices for startups are to set a short-term, strategic HR plan. They need to formalize workflow by defining simple procedures and policies, set a workplace culture based on value creation, promote creative problem solving and open communication, and ensure there is a flat hierarchy. Finally, by advocating wellbeing at work, startups can engage their teams.

In your opinion, what is the greatest HR challenge of 2021?
The multi-dimensional challenge for 2021 is the role of remote HR management, as it adds an extra degree of complexity to HR functions: how to recruit properly with virtual interviews; how to manage performance once the team is offline; how to handle interpersonal conflicts through virtual communication; and how to keep employees motivated, engaged and productive. 

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