For The Love of Cheese With Francois Robin

For The Love of Cheese With Francois Robin


After graduating from the French Cheesemonger School in Paris in 2008, Francois Robin headed the cheese department at the world-renowned Parisian luxury grocer Fauchon and worked with pastry chefs Christophe Adam and Benoit Couvrand. His vast knowledge and expertise earned him the coveted title of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in 2011. Robin went on to share his expertise as an instructor for the French Dairy Interbranch. HN caught up with Robin during his Cheeses of Europe webinar to discuss his love of cheese.


  1. What is a Cheesemonger? Can you tell us about your role as a cheese consultant?

A cheesemonger is a cheese specialist whose job is to help you navigate your tastes and desires by selecting the best cheeses to tickle your palate. As a tradesperson specialized in cheese, a cheesemonger works in a haven of cheeses: a cheese shop. As a cheese consultant, I travel the world and train cheesemongers, educating and encouraging them to promote French cheeses to customers and gourmets.

  1. What should an everyday buyer look for when selecting a cheese?

I recommend looking for the P.D.O. label (Protected Designation of Origin). The acronym is assigned to some important traditional Italian cheeses as it refers to the region and production area of a specific cheese, whose characteristics are strictly related to a geographic area. It ensures an origin and production method.

You can also opt for cheeses originating in France or Europe to guaranty quality. On the other hand, you can simply trust your instincts; smell or touch the package, and imagine what the cheese will taste like.

  1. What makes French cheese different from other cheeses?

France is renowned for its astounding cheese selection. It boasts over a thousand varieties of delicious cheeses. The variable weather and soil conditions, as well as how the cows roam free on the farm, is at the core of the cheese’s quality. The daily consumption of cheese in France is the highest in the world.

  1. 4. In your daily life, how and when do you consume cheese?

I am a cheese addict; I eat cheese all day long. My selection depends on my mood, but whatever meal I am having, cheese is an intrinsic component. Whether it is milder cheeses for breakfast or stronger cheeses for dinner, cheese is always on my menu. You can really eat cheese anytime, anywhere!

  1. What is your favorite cheese and why?

I am always exploring new cheeses and experimenting with old ones. My love of cheese knows no bounds, especially that there are plenty of cheeses in the world. Nevertheless, the cheeses I always keep in my fridge are Comté and Saint-Nectaire. 

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