Future Food 2019

Future Food 2019


The Future Food Forum 2019 hosted by the UAE Food and Beverage Manufacturers Association is the first of its kind event in the Middle East aimed at connecting and developing the F&B manufacturing industry and empowering its leaders.

This year’s theme, ‘Transforming our World of Food and Beverage Manufacturing’, is centered on discussing the challenges faced by F&B manufacturers, the available growth opportunities and the possibilities the future holds. The forum is a great venue affording professional the chance to discuss core issues faced, learn from successful best practices, as well as gain valuable market insights and avoid potential pitfalls.

The outlook for the food and beverage manufacturing business in the region is positive. Thanks to the increase in the population and per capita disposable income, food consumption is on the rise. Demand is also experiencing a change in buying patterns due to new dietary habits and more health-conscious consumers calling for new and diverse types of foods. As a result, regional food manufacturers find themselves playing a major role in overcoming the ever-increasing dependency on imported foods, which is often leading to food shortages and pricing issues.

Government stakeholders need to work with the local manufacturers and value-added resellers to create the right balance. A combination of all these factors opens up the need for a platform that brings together all regional F&B stakeholders to examine and find answers to some of the critical challenges faced today.

The forum will discuss how regional manufacturers, investors and entrepreneurs can transform the GCC’s F&B market to meet the demands of staple food requirements. The forum will also analyze what measures are needed to sustain strong innovative-growth while finding optimal ways for manufacturers to benefit from such market adjustments.

The forum will look at the global state of food manufacturing and highlight world best practices. The two-day event will feature high-level panel discussions, keynote presentation and industry-specific workshops and masterclasses.

Key Topics:

  • Merits and pitfalls of promotion-focused food retailing
  • Role of the F&B industry in securing a robust national food security strategy
  • Insights into transforming the manufacturing processes within the F&B business
  • How modern economies rely on disruptive food business innovations
  • How traditional and modern brands are making our food healthier
  • What regional businesses can do to train and retain their personnel
  • Ecommerce trends redefining traditional food businesses
  • Understanding the possible emerging best practices and adapting to challenges

Key Themes:

  • Disruptive innovations in food manufacturing and retailing
  • The evolving role of the food regulators
  • Transformative technologies that are creating an impact on food distribution
  • Future food supply chains


The Food and Beverages Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) is an association that brings together all food and beverage manufacturing firms in the UAE. Formed in 2012, under the auspices of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the FBMG is committed to the development of the food and beverage industry. The group provides a platform for firms to cooperate and resolve some of the key challenges faced by the food and beverages industry in the region. This is also an opportunity for firms to network and collaborates on innovations that will benefit the industry.


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