Tourists spending seven percent up in Lebanon this summer

Tourists spending seven percent up in Lebanon this summer


According to Global Blue’s ‘Insights into tourist spending Q3’ report, the tourist spending increased by seven percent in Q3 2017 compared to Q3 2016.


“Summer 2011 was the peak, and comparing this summer’s results to that of 2011, we are still below by – 18.27 percent,” Joe Yacoub, Lebanon managing director of Global Blue told HN.


This increase is mainly related to tourists coming from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria, who represent an average of 30 percent of the tax free shopping spending in Lebanon.


According to Yacoub, the trend is expected to grow in the coming months, especially that “we started seeing encouraging figures from UAE tourists’ in September, who they were absent in previous months in 2017 and for the last three years.”

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Fashion and clothing still represents the biggest share of the tourist spending which is 70 percent, and increased by six percent y-o-y. Eighty percent of tourists’ purchases are concentrated in the capital, which witnessed an increase in spending of eight percent y-o-y.


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