Holiday wine tips in an unusual year

Holiday wine tips in an unusual year


Even though 2020 has not rolled as planned for most of us, it is time to celebrate and prepare to welcome a new year with fresh resolutions. HN spoke to Master of Wine Christy Canterbury to highlight a few holiday wine tips.

According to Canterbury large formats (magnums, double magnums and larger) are a great way to celebrate togetherness and festiveness after enduring a trying year. Even better, when others see them in a hospitality space, they may remember it as an idea for another gathering.

Large formats are also a great way to help a host on a budget look very generous. Most people aren’t used to seeing even magnums. “So much wine!” More modestly priced wines are also available in big bottles, just as are auction-worthy classics.

Sparkling wine in large format is especially useful as it works for receptions, with many people drinking just a glass or two, as well as longer dinners where people will drink more than one glass of the same wine.

Canterbury suggests to hosts that they start with the best wines and move into less expensive wines as the celebration goes on. It puts their best foot forward immediately and also ensures that any unfinished bottles will be less expensive ones.

According to  her, it could be a good idea to offer in-room gift packages for families gathering in hotels. It has never been a better year to give wine! Wine can offer the sense of a travel, even while remaining fairly local. By providing guests with a vignette on a producer, his or her region and their local lifestyle, recipients can get a small taste (literally and figuratively) of a longed-for destination.

Gifting half-bottes of a wine poured during a celebratory dinner is a lovely way to keep the good vibes – and wine – flowing. (Clearly, this is subject to availability.) A parting gift of a half-bottle of wine is possibly the ultimate party favor.


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